Who We Are

InfraSource is a nationally recognized industry leader supporting many large to small natural gas and duel energy utility customers with a wide range of services directly related to project management, construction, operation, inspection, and maintenance of utility distribution systems. InfraSource serves Owners of natural gas and duel energy distribution systems – from the town border station to the burner tip and have the expertise and practical experience in utility construction and utility asset management functions.

InfraSource is backed by the financial strength of our parent company, Quanta. Strong revenue growth, significant and increasing cash reserves and low debt-to-equity ratio provide the financial stability to ensure that InfraSource can be a long-term partner and allows us the flexibility to provide unique solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

InfraSource currently supports Puget Sound Energy as their Strategic Partner through a well-defined Natural Gas Service Partner business model. This Strategic Partner relationship endeavors to provide a world class customer experience to PSE’s customers through an established core value system focused on Safety, Value, and Reliability.

InfraSource is the industry leader providing world class service through a strategic focus on the following services:

  • • Safety
  • • Quality Assurance and Compliance
  • • Utility Construction
  • • Technology Solutions
  • • Program and Project Management
  • • Engineering and Design services
  • • Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  • • Records management, including as building, digital and GIS mapping and WMS operation
  • • Complete back office integration and management