Quality Assurance & Compliance Program

InfraSource Services is dedicated to providing Quality Control that reviews each step or procedure used in completing tasks on the way to a completed product. Quality Control is a management system of published and enforced standards which ensures that products or services are completed satisfying the Owner’s requirements for quality. The emphasis on quality and continuous improvement extends throughout all levels of InfraSource’s organization to assure a viable Quality Control Program. InfraSource recognizes quality as an individual contribution and team effort in an organization continually working to improve the process or product. InfraSource’s corporate goals for Quality Control under this Contract are as follows:

  • • Produce products and services that consistently meet the requirements of the Contract.
  • • Achieve and maintain regulatory compliance throughout all work tasks and completed work.
  • • Inspire pride in InfraSource.
  • • Improve quality and processes.
  • • Improve efficiency and profitability
  • • Demonstrate integrity.
  • • Document “for the record” the Service Provider Quality Control Program (SPQCP) process and results.

The SPQCP is the means by which the Service Provider assures itself and the Owner that the services and work supplied by the Service Provider comply with the requirements of the Contract.

The SPQCP describes the methodology used to verify:

  • • That the work completed under the Contract is correct, acceptable and compliant with WUTC expectations.
  • • That the installation is consistent with good construction practices.
  • • Services performed are in accordance with the Contract requirements.

The controls are intended to adequately cover all Service Provider operations, including both onsite and offsite work, and activities that support the work performed in the field. This SPQCP explains the Service Provider’s quality control organization, the lines of authority and responsibility between the Owner and Service Provider’s Quality Control Manager (SPQCM).

The SPQCP outlines the procedures for onsite inspection, at source inspection, associated quality reports, and supporting documentation. This SPQCP details the actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that products, processes, equipment, material, and services will satisfy given or pre-established quality standards. In general, there are two components to any quality control plan:

  • • The measures and processes to be taken.
  • • The demonstration or documentation that such measures have been taken.

The measures and documentation are designed or chosen to demonstrate to the Owner that the specified quality of work has been achieved and that compliance issues have been addressed.